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6 2017

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We are a Christian community called together to grow in faith and to celebrate God’s love for us in the Mass and Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Through the gospel message and our common worship we are challenged to give Christian witness by our lives and service to others. 


St Anthony Church is a community of people where a 

sense of belonging welcomes one and all;

where tradition and culture offer deeper

faith,hope and love;

Where religious education becomes pathway to our identity.

            St. Anthony Church is a community of people

Where you belong forever



Anamehawikamek Welcome 




ST MICHAEL’S                          and                                     St. Anthony's

                         P.O. Box 610        P.O. Box241

                     Keshena, WI 54135                             Neopit, WI 54150                             

                                                                        PARISH MISSION STATEMENTS

      Parish Administrator, Fr. Joel Jores - 715-799-3811 -                           Associate Priest: Fr. Francis Zurbano-715-799-3811 - 

                    Deacon Mark Fuller - 715-201-2961 

      Parish Secretary St. Michael, Vicki Hermsen  - 715-799-3811 -

Parish Secretary St. Anthony, Mary Harte – 715-756-2361 – 

Religious Education Kathy King-Tucker - 715-799-3927 –  


Find us on Facebook:  stmichael Keshena and stanthony Neopit


ANNOINTING OF THE SICK: Individual arrangements can be made through the Parish Office

BAPTISM:  Preparation program required. Please contact the Parish Office.

MARRIAGE:  Make arrangements with the pastor six months prior to desired date.


CONFIRMATION:   Next class 2018.



 Our Catholic community of St. Michael’s, St. Francis’, St. Anthony’s and St. Mary’s Parish,

God be always with us;

The Sacrament of Baptism will be the theme for the articles in the August issues of our bulletin; may it serve as reminders of our Catholic beliefs and practice, and may it also promote the reception of the Sacrament itself, considering it as one very essential matter of our faith.

Generally, Baptism can be identified as one of the Sacrament of Initiation (which includes, Confirmation and Eucharist). According to Fr. Alfred McBride in his book Teen Catechism; These Sacraments of Initiation “moves us towards the fullest incorporation into the Body of Christ”. Moreover, the Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that by the Sacrament of Baptism:

  1. We become members of the Church, It is a ‘welcoming’ or incorporation into the Christian community of believers, followers and disciples.
  2. A new identity was given to us, we are now Christians where in we receive the birth into the new life in Christ. We become sons and daughters (children) of God.
  3. It marks us an indelible character that makes us holy and opens us to salvation and life eternal with God.

These are just some of the Theological considerations about Baptism which should be the most important ones… I want to invite you to come into reflection once again about our responsibility of being baptized person, what baptism entails of us. 

At the succeeding articles, some other essential elements about Baptism will continue to remind us more about the importance of the Sacrament.


Fr. Francis


The Mass: A slice at a Time - The Liturgical Year


 Entering: You’ve been busy gathering everyone together, you’ve hopped into the car, and you’re heading to Church. Your mind maybe a million miles away from God, from prayer. But the celebration of the Mass is already beginning. When you arrive at Church, you see neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. You nod recognition, exchange a couple of friendly words. This is the Body of Christ gathering!


As you enter the Church, you dip your hand into the holy water font, touch the water, and sign yourself with the blessed water, helping young children in the family to the same. And as you walk into the Church, you see people bowing or genuflecting before entering the pew. And once in the pew you spend a minute or two settling in, getting the family members around you organized, and getting ready for the beginning of the celebration.




The Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, our Parish Patron on September 29th is fast approaching. We are starting our preparation for this celebration. We will again have our Novena Masses starting September 20th through September 28th at 6 pm (except Saturday and Sunday).  In connection with this, we will be taking special intentions for these Masses. The money collected will be our starting fund for next years’ celebration.  If you wish to have a Mass said for a special intention, please go to the Parish Office and sign up for this.  On the Feast of St. Michael, September 29th, Mass will be at 8 am. There will be a potluck breakfast after Mass to Celebrate the Feast of St. Michael.



St. Michael

 08/07………………………………………….……………………….…No Mass

  08/08…………………………………………………..Deacon Mark Farrell

      08/09 …………..….…Rev James Jugenheimer, Rev John Harper

     08/10 ………………….…………………………………Kateri Prayer Circle

     08/11……..Members of St. Michael Parish Living & Deceased

  08/12 ………………………………………………………Gene Weyenberg

   08/13…………………………………………Joleen Kaquatosh & Kinsey

St. Anthony

    08/06……………………………………………………….…Lloyd Gannegan

    08/13 ……………………………………………………………….Roberta Cox

     08/20 ……………………………………………………………….Joe D. Kiefer


 St. Michael Financial Blessings July 29 & 30


$ 835.00


$ 706.25




 St. Anthony Financial Blessings July 30


$  504.00   


$  194.00

Liturgical Ministers   

 Lector                   Servers               Eucharistic

Saturday, August 12, 5:00 pm 

Fay Waupochick

Isabella Waupochick

Tony Waupochick

 Sunday, August 13, 9:00 am


Dennis Jansen


Deacon Mark


 Saturday, Aug. 19, 5:00 pm

Bryan Lepscier

Ashley Moses

Pat Gwidt

Sunday, Aug. 20, 9:00 am


Kathy Tucker

S. Shawanokasic

Rayna Tucker

St. Anthony Liturgical Ministers                           

 Lector                   Servers               Eucharistic
Sunday, August 6, 10:30 am  




Doxtator Fowler




Our Seminarians Need Your Help: Our Diocese has witnessed incredible growth in all vocations including the priesthood.  Let’s keep that growth going and support our future spiritual fathers!  Please be generous with our Annual Seminarian Collection: Hope for the Future, Help them Today.  An important letter will arrive in your mailbox this week asking for your help.  Next weekend is the kick off of this annual collection.  Your donation provides tuition, room and board, insurance, a small stipend for our seminarians and will support the Vocation Office’s efforts to call forth more candidates. The total annual cost for our seminarians is around $1,000,000.  As friends and followers of Jesus, we support each other.  In order to make your gift today,  visit  On August 19 & 20, Kevin Ripley, seminarian, will speak at our Masses so we can hear about his calling and how we can help.



2017 WI Shrine Pilgrimage to approved Marian Shrines of Wisconsin with The Most Reverend David L. Ricken. October 26–28, 2017.   For information, visit www.thecompassnews. org or call (920) 272-8212. Sponsored by: The Compass, Official Newspaper for the Diocese of Green Bay. 

 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is on Tuesday, August 15th.  St. Michael’s will have Mass at 8 am and there will be a rosary at 7:45 am before Mass.   St. Francis will have Mass at 6:30 p.m. and St. Mary at 7:00 p.m.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Anthony

A part of the renovation for the church was converting the cry room to a reconciliation room.  The remaining work to be done is the addition of new curtains for the window.  Please talk to Fr. Joel or Fr. Francis about receiving this gift.

Barb Warrington, one of our dear parishioners, wanted to share this prayer with everyone:

The Act of Contrition

Oh my God, I am heartily sorry 

For having offended Thee

I detest all my sins because of Thy just punishments,

But most of all because they have offended Thee,

My God who art all good and deserving of my love.

I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace,

To sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin.




St. Michael’s Corn Roast, August 12th, 10 am – 3 pm.

St. Mary’s  Autumn  Fest  September 10, 2017.  Together we celebrate in thanksgiving with the blessings of the Lord. 

Welcome Visitors”

 We are happy you have chosen to attend Mass at St. Anthony’s and St. Michael’s. We hope you feel that you are among friends. If you are considering joining our parish, please talk with Fr. Joel or call the Parish Office. Welcome and God Bless



Starting on Sunday, August 6, 2017 Mass will be at 10:30 am. No Saturday Mass.



It’s time to “GROW A ROW” AND “SHARE THE BOUNTY”!  These programs are hunger prevention programs which allow gardeners to bring their excess produce to drop off sites where it is distributed to families and individuals who can use it. There is no paper work for the recipient. It is a “win-win” situation because recipients get healthy food and gardeners know their produce will not be wasted.  Drop off is 1st & 3rd Monday – 11 am to 1 pm and 1st & 3rd Tuesday 11 am – 2 pm. Pick up is 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month, 1-3 pm. This is for St. Michael’s Food Pantry.




Thrift & Gift will be open August 12th during the Corn Roast and August 15th from noon until 3 pm.  If you have a donation, it can be dropped off at Parish Office or Thrift & Gift if open.  




Open August 6th after 9:00 am Mass, August 12th during Corn Roast and on August 15th during Food Pantry.  We are looking for Volunteers to host a Sunday.  Sign up is in back of church. If you have any questions, please call Ann at 715-851-0160.


St. Anthony and St. Michael’s Food Pantries will be open Tuesday, August 15  from 1-3 pm. St. Michael’s is in need of soap, diapers and personal care items.




Deadline for new information is 9:00 pm Tuesday evenings. Contact parish office to Submit. 

St.Michael's Parish Office Hours:

Office hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 am to 3 pm., Wednesday and Friday 9 am to 1 pm. If you have an urgent matter, please contact Fr. Joel or Fr. Francis.


St. Anthony's Parish Office Hours: 

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm.



After a long hiatus due to church construction, we welcome back the grief group to the community center.  The next meeting is Tuesday, August 8th at 5:30pm.  We start the evening with a light potluck dinner.  Anyone and everyone who is dealing with any kind of loss, regardless of how long ago it happened is welcome.

Fr. Joel will have office hours as follows:

Tuesday – St. Michael’s

Wednesday – St. Francis

Thursday – St. Anthony



Mark Your Calendars


       08/08/2017 Pastoral Council St. Michael 6 – 7:30 pm

       08/08/2017 Grief Group             St. Anthony 5:30 pm

       08/09/2017 Eucharistic Holy Hour St. Anthony 6 – 7 pm

       08/10/2017  Worship Committee         St. Anthony 5:15 pm

                       08/12/2017 Corn Roast        St. Michael 10 am – 3 pm

                  08/15/2017 Assumption Of Blessed Virgin Mary (Holy Day of Obligation

8 am St. Michael

6:30 pm St. Francis

7:00 pm St. Mary

       08/15/2017 Knights of Columbus St. Michael  7 pm 


                        St. Michael – 5:00 pm Saturday/ 9:00 am Sundays

St. Anthony – 10:30 am Sundays

         St. Francis Solanus – 8:30 am Sundays

                      St. Mary – 4:00 pm Saturdays  - Starting August 6, 2017 Mass will be a 10:30 am                  


















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