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Bulletin Easter

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Keshena, WI 54135
       Parish Administrator, Fr Joel Jores-  715-799-3811 
Parish Secretary, Vicki Herdsmen 715-799-3811
 Youth Religious Director-Lois Maczuzak 715-851-2947
                                                                         St. Michael’s Thrift and Gift-Cooki Vigue 920-216-92401st and 3rd Tuesdays 1-3 pm  
                                                                         St. Michael’s Food Pantry  Pat Gwidt  715-799-4521
                                                                         Knights of Columbus: Third Tuesday 7pm  Grand Knight,Paul Marroquin 715-799-3765 
Saturday Mass: 6:00 pm
Sunday Mass: 10:30 am
Confession: Saturday 5:30-5:45 pm
Rosary: Saturday 5:30pm Sunday 10:00am
Daily Mass: Chapel Southside of Church Tuesday/Thursday 8:00am
Wednesday.Firday 10:00am
Kateri Prayer Group: After 8am mass Thursday
Adoration: 1st Thursday 6-7pm
Anointing of the Sick: Individual arrangements can be made through the Parish Office.
Baptism: Preparation program required. Contact Parish Office
Marriage: Make arrangements with
pastor 6 months prior to desired date.
Confirmation: May 8th at Gresham.  Next class 2018  



Hello Friends!
Gratia et Gaudium in Fide!- Grace and Joy in Faith!

I started to serve our parish since September 1, 2016. Little by little and very slowly I believe to be learning several things and also by being so, a sort of adjustment here and there is absolutely necessary for me and I believe also for you, my dearest co-travelers in St. Michael’s community. Before being assigned to serve here in the United States of America, down in my country for more or less nine consecutive years, I was assigned not in the parish apostolate but in our religious community in different assignments. So, the reason why I, a bit mention this, because I think this will somehow help you all understand me slowly and smoothly along the way of my serving in here.

To be honest with you all, I am still struggling with the culture differences and my little knowledge of who and what America is for us down in my country. A sense of your superiority stand to us people of the so-called third world country. This is just so to let you know of where I am at this moment of my service in this parish. So, whenever I am not that firm in some of my decisions, please just bear with me and please be gentle in teaching me to understand what I need to understand and work with as far as my position is concerned.

We are in the period of commemorating our Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. Very important pious exercises or practices are being lived during this season of Lent, like the Via Crucis or Station of the Cross; also the Visita Altaris (Visiting the Reposition Altar of the Blessed Sacrament and make a moment of Solemn and very personal and family Adoration) on Holy Thursday after the celebration of the Institution of the Holy Eucharist that includes the washing of the feet ceremony and on Holy Friday we have the Veneration of the Holy Cross and then the very rich of symbolism and spiritual meaning for us Catholics, the Easter Vigil Mass.

How I wish that these beautiful spiritual celebrations be done in our parish here at St. Michael’s every year and have a lot of people volunteers to get involved because I believe these liturgical celebrations carry its own powerful effects to our personal faith. But because of lack of priests around, we are forced to do the rotation of services between the three parishes that this single priest must serve by hook or by crook. So please be contented what we got by this time and hope that an enhancement may come soon. For now please continue to come to St. Michael to worship, pray and praise our Lord in the church in spite of our human weakness in here. Rest assured of my prayers for all of you and so wishing you a very Holy and blessed and and Happy Easter 2016

Co- Traveler, Fr. Joel, MF



The Faith Formation Classes are quickly coming to an end for the 2015-2016 year! Even though our time is limited, we still have a lot to look forward to occur.


Saturday, April 30th at St Anthony’s 4:00 pm mass, Sunday, May 1st at St. Michael’s, 10:30 am mass. Please, keep these young people in your prayers.

Calendar Rest of the 2015-2016 Faith Formation Year:

Wednesday, March 30th-Classes in session

Wednesday, April 6th,13th- Classes in session

Saturday, April 16th - Special session for the First Communicants and Parents in Barrett Hall starting at 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm, then Mass at 6:00 Attendance is mandatory!

Wednesday, April 20th—-Classes in session Wednesday, April 27th—Last class

Sunday, May 8th at 6:00 pm at St. Francis in Gresham. Six of our young parishioners will celebrate Confirmation. (Rehearsal for Confirmation to be announced). Please, keep these young people in your prayers.


           03/28...............No Mass

          03/29............For those sick and in the hospital                                                03/30.......................For Vocations                                                03/31......Our Volunteers 

  04/01......Members of St. Michael Parish

          04/02......Popes, Priests, Religious and Dying

Weekly Giving   March 19 & 20
      Envelopes $873.00
      Loose $557.00
      Bishop Appeal Goal $5,803.00     Bishop AppelTo Date $4,416.00  

                   THANK YOU FOR DONATION

Liturgical Ministers

Saturday, April 2, 2016 - 6:00 pm

Lector:  Lela Schwitzen

Server:  Matthew Schwitzen

Eucharistic Minister Pat Gwidtpage2image45200 page2image45360 page2image45520 page2image45680 page2image45840 page2image46000

Sunday, April 3, 2016 - 10:30 am

Lector: Ann Sardina

Servers:  Alfonzo & Althena Cruz

Eucharistic Minister:  Barb Neubauer 



Food Pantry & Thrift & Gift open April 5th and 19th. We are in need of toothpaste, meat sauce, diapers, plastic bags and brown paper bags. We are also looking for two men to volunteer on Mondays and Tuesdays.Thank You - Pat Gwidt 715-799-4521.

BOOK SHARE: Bring the books that you have read and pick up some new ones at the Book Share. We are open the first Sunday of the month after 10:30 am mass and on food Pantry Days from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Book share will be next Sunday, April 3rd.

THRIFT & GIFT: The Thrift & Gift aka Rummage Room was started in 2010 to help the community purchase gently used items at a reasonable price. It has expanded to handle furniture on a larger scale, sporting goods and on occasion, appliances. It depends solely on generous donations of loving people, not only from this community, but near and far. We are open the first and third Tuesday of the month from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm., which will be April 5th & 19th.

JOY CHOIR: The JOY Choir leads the congregation in song at the Saturday evening mass. Our mission is to sing with JOY for Jesus, Others, Yourself. Approximately ten people sing in the choir led by guitarist, Ellyn Dercks. We practice one-half hour before the Mass. If you enjoy music, please consider sharing your instrumental and/or vocal talents by joining the JOY Choir. Weekly attendance is not expected as we realize people have family, work and other commitments – just sing when available. We would love to have you join us!

ST. MICHAEL’S ANGELS: The Angels were formed to bring new lift to singing at mass, especially for young people. We welcome young people interested in singing and/or playing (or learning to play guitar).

PIANIST: Jonathan Wilber plays every other Sunday mass with his Angels.



Fundraisers are self-explanatory - raising money to help with the general upkeep of our Church. Scheduled events for 2016: May will be a Memorial Cookout, the week before the holiday. July is our NEW PARISH FAMILY PICNIC. There will be many additions for children this year. August is the delicious Corn Roast with as many "Corn" items we can think of. October is an important month, with our Annual Parish Meeting and also a Fish Dinner. November 19th will be our well known Holiday Bazaar. If there is an event the community may be interested in, please contact

anyone on this committee.

Knights of Columbus

Kateri Tekakwitha Council 12185.
edicated to Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism Grand Knight Paul Marroquin 715-799-3765
New members are always welcome.

Planning Meeting for St Michael's Family Picnic Monday April 4, 2016 at 6:00 pm Barrett Hall. For information contact Tim or Kathy Lohmiller Co-Chairs 715-526-9385.

Thank you for your time, talent and treasure to those who made St. Michael Family Fish Dinner a great success. The decorations were beautiful and the food was wonderful!

St. Michael’s Parish Council will meet on Tuesday, March 29th at 5:30 in Barrett Hall.

Next Sunday, April 3rd will be Book Share after 10:30 mass.

There will be a Soup Social next Sunday, April 3rd after 10:30 am mass, sponsored by Delberta Pethke. Come and enjoy some hot soup.

Sacred Heart Catholic School 124 E. Center St. –Shawano

    Three year old preschool-8th grade

     • Faith-based Curriculum.
     • Three year old preschoolers attend M, W, F; half days.
     • 4K & Kindergarten students go M-F Full days.
     • Tuition assistance, grants, scholarships, and Scrip rebate dollars can help offset the cost of tuition.

      • As a member of or if would like to become a member of St. Michael Parish your family is eligible to receive a Parish Subsidy which reduces tuition by over               $3,000 per enrolled child for 4K-8 (preschool= $1,500 subsidy).  

              We offer personalized tours and classroom visits.

              Athletic opportunities for students in grades 4-8. 

              Art, music, and PE are taught by licensed specialists. 

              Father Luke Ferris visits classrooms weekly. 

              Visit our Facebook page to see event listings and photos. 

              Contact Autumne Gee, Director of Admissions & Development at or call 715-526-4103 to learn more!  



Mott, LaRock & Cardish Loved Ones James Orlowski

Lucille Pecore Michael Kretschmann

Roger Sr. & Roger Jr. McPherson Signe & Steve Chojnacki

Jack & Pat Hermsen Bob & Mary Geimer

Thomas & Opal Lohmiller Family Dan Hanauer Sr.

James Frechette Family Jolene Kaquatosh

The Golke & Shomberg Families Walter & Elvira Sulskis

Jolene Kaquatosh & Kinsey Bob & Paulette Gear

John Mose Kaquatosh Family Wyngaard Family

Betty Jo Wozniak James Gilbert

Fenlon & Hoffman  Families Taylor J. Waupochick

Joe, Pam, Mark, Paul & Dave Wilber Sr. Elizabeth LaTender

Kenneth & Lillian Warrington Erwin “Onie” Besaw

Rosalie Sardina Genevieve Hein

Jerry Pawelczyk Sarah & Alex Waupoose Sr. 

Roger R. Dodge & Sandra (Dodge) King Adam & Ione Gwidt

Mary Lynn Gwidt Dennis Gwidt

Abraham, Olivia, Ricky Katchenago Donna & Bobby Tucker

Barbara V. Waupochick Wilber Bruce Wilber Sr.

Planz & Vigue Families Henry Dodge Family

Donald Noel Wilbur & Georgette Wilber

Dorothy Sokoly Marion & Mabel Dickie

Helen Witkowski Tim, Nikki Bradlee

Mary “Hanks” (Powless) Blumreich Glenn & Lorraine Harmon

Deborah Wayka Irvin (Wimpy) Waupoose

Michael, Arthur & Lucille Chapman Bradley Minten

Wilson Meurett Family June Michel

Jack & Pat Hermsen

Rip & Nancy Hundt Deceased Family Members

Living & Deceased members of the Zalaznik & Repp Families


  I apologize for any misspelled names due to handwriting difficult to decipher. 

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