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Bulletin Jan 28-29

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 January 29, 2017 


Anamehawikamek Welcome 



We are a Christian community called together to grow in faith and to celebrate God’s love for us in the Mass and Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Through the gospel message and our common worship we are challenged to give Christian witness by our lives and service to others. 


P.O. Box 610

Keshena, WI 54135

Parish Administrator, Fr. Joel Jores - 715-799-3811 -

           Associate Priest: Fr. Francis Zurbano-715-799-3811 - 

              Deacon Mark Fuller - 715-201-2961 

Parish Secretary, Vicki Hermsen  - 715-799-3811 -

Religious Education Lois Maczuzak  - 715-851-2947 -


SATURDAY MASS:  4:00 pm  SUNDAY MASS:  8:30 am

CONFESSION:    Saturday 3:30 - 3:45pm 

CONFESSION:        Sunday 8:00-8:15

ROSARY:  Saturday 3:30 pm     Sunday  8:30 am 

DAILY MASS: Chapel Southside of Church

Tuesday/Thursday   8:00 am  and Wednesday/Friday  10:00 am

KATERI PRAYER CIRCLE:  After 8 am mass on Thursday morning    

ADORATION:  1st Thursday of the Month from 6-7 pm 

ANNOINTING OF THE SICK: Individual arrangements can be made through the Parish Office

BAPTISM:  Preparation program required. Please contact the Parish Office. 

MARRIAGE:  Make arrangements with the pastor six months prior to desired date.

CONFIRMATION:  Next class 2018.


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Third Tuesday of the month – 7 pm,

Grand Knight Paul Marroquin 715-799-3765 




This past week, my wife and I traveled by train to Buffalo to attend a funeral service for a family member.  We have ridden the train several times over the years, beginning when our 20 year-old daughter was a little baby and we have generally enjoyed this mode of transportation, though I admit I have sometimes had trouble sleeping on the awkward train coach seats.  Last week’s railroad travels brought back a memory of many years ago.  One Christmas Eve, Patty and I were traveling on Amtrak, along with many passengers and families, including a Jewish family with a small boy and a Black family with a small boy as well.  

This was a period, unfortunately, of racial tensions between the Jewish and Black communities, especially in New York City area, where our train would make its last stop.  However, what was beautiful to see this night was how the two boys played so well together; oblivious to the tensions in their communities.  Their families, too, did not stop them but allowed and encouraged the fun these two children had- laughing and giggling non-stop with their many silly games.  It was a beautiful sign of peace that Christmas Eve, at a time of much mistrust and anger in the world outside the tracks.

Perhaps a seed of hope was planted for all those that witnessed the boys that night, children unaware that they were peacemakers that special Christmas Eve.  We are all called to be peacemakers.  In today’s gospel reading, our Lord tells us that, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  In the midst of today’s divisions, racial tensions, and inequalities, let us pray for the grace to be peacemakers in our homes, churches, and communities.  Let us experience the joy and happiness that only children of God can know. Toward this goal of peacemaking, the Peace Prayer of St. Francis may be a good prayer for us:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy. 

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive, 
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, 
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
In His Mercy,   


Deacon Mark



The attendance is low at our Faith Formation classes.  This year we will have very few young children participating in their first Sacrament of Reconciliation and their First Communion.  I have discussed with the Parish Council alternative formats for Faith Formation for our youth. Possibly changing the day that the classes are offered or a family program are just two of the options discussed.    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that would help us do a better job helping families to share our faith, please, let me know. We want to design our program to meet the needs of most of our parishioners.  I can be reached by calling 715-799-4826 or e-mail me at  with your ideas or suggestions using the subject tag, My Suggestion. Thank you for all your help in this very important endeavor.


In the front of church there are St. Michael Children’s Bulletins available.  These Children Bulletins are designed to help children to better understand the message of the Mass.  Check them out!






  January 29, 2017

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time



1/30.............................................No Mass    

                                 1/31........…Rev..Thomas W. Long, Bishop Robert Morneau,        

                                                 Rev. Edward Looney                                          

               2/02..........Living &Deceased Members of St. Michael

                           2/03.........................................Kateri Prayer Circle                                                                         2/04........................The Poor and Homeless

                    2/05.........................Sallu Litson, Elizabeth Rose Martein,

and Jean Marttin

           2/05...............................Victim of Abortion



 Financial Blessings

Jan. 21 &22

 Envelopes      $907.00      

 Loose          $ 363.76  





Liturgical Ministers:


Saturday, February 4-4:00 

                                   Lector:  Paula Wilber     Servers: Isabella Waupochick  Eucharistic Minister: Pat Gwit


Sunday, February 5 – 8:30 am    


                      Lector: Gryphon Braun    Servers: Sasawn  Shawanokasic      Eucharistic Minister: Barb Nebauer

                                                                              Andre Kakwitch


                     Saturday, February 11-4:00 


Lector: Lela & Matthew   Servers: Ashley Moses     Eucharistic Minister:  Tony Waupochick



SUNDAY, February 12-8:30               


            Lector:  Kris Going    Severs: Derek Minch   Eucharistic Minister:  Nancy Michell

Mylee Sanapaw


Praying for Father Joel


Father Joel’s father passed away this past weekend. He did make it home to the Philippines before his father died. Please keep Father Joel and his family in your prayers. Fr. Joel wants to thank all of you for the prayers. He will return on February 16th. If you have any questions or concerns contact Father Francis or Parish Office. 


What is the Bishop's Appeal?

Does the Bishop's Appeal pay the Bishop's salary or any legal settlements?

The Bishop's Appeal is an annual campaign that supports the ministries of the Diocese.  It does not pay the Bishop's salary and has never been used to pay any legal settlements.  The Appeal provides support to diocesan ministries reaching out to thousands of people each year.  These ministries include Catholic Charities, the diocesan Education Department, the Compass, and the Emmaus program, to name a few.  

It is our continuing pledge to you to use all the funds received during the 2017 Bishop's Appeal to provide these services and meet the needs described on our web site at Thank you for your generous support of the Appeal.

Bishop’s Appeal by the Numbers

The Bishop’s Appeal reaches out and impacts the lives of thousands of people every year.  Here are some interesting facts to illustrate how the Diocese inspires disciples, and how the Bishop’s Appeal is making a difference in the lives of all of us: 

55 Catholic schools shared our faith (49 elem, 6 HS)

156 Parishes celebrated their liturgies through the year

993 Couples were joined in marriage

3,250  Members of our Diocese passed away

2,363 Adults and young people were confirmed in their faith

2,921 Children and adults received Jesus through First

3,256 Infants and adults joined our parish communities through Baptism

9,164 Students participated in Catholic Schools

17,740 Students took part Religious Education classes

345,870 Catholics worshiped in Diocesan parishes. In  each of these areas the Bishop’s Appeal impacts 

  the ministries that inspire disciples.


Calling all Youth

Play an instrument? Sing? Dance? Act? Experience with sound & lights? Good communication skills? Computer graphics experience? Artistic?

Father Francis and Father Joel are looking for you! Middle School through college aged who want to be a part of youth ministry. Please call or email Parish Office with your contact information.




                                                         FUTURE EVENTS



Book Share next Sunday, Feb. 5th after Mass. Ann Sulskis has volunteered to coordinate Book Share.  It will remain in the Barrett Hall and will be reduced in size, with no shelves in the hall.   There is a large table and chairs and this room can STILL BE USED as a meeting room.   If you have any questions, please call Ann at 715-851-0160.


Food Pantry open February 21st from 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm  

Thank you for volunteering and donating food to St Michael's Food Pantry.


 We will be open on Saturday, February 4th from 11 to 3 pm.   Also open Tuesday, February 7th and February 21st from noon until 3 pm.  Contact Cookie Vigue if you have any questions 920-216-9240. If you would like to drop off a donation, please bring it to the Parish Office if no one is at Thrift & Gift.  Office is open 9 am to 2 pm Monday – Friday.



National Catholic Schools Week is celebrated from Jan 29 through February 4 in 2017. The theme is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.” Through Catholic education, children benefit from the religious guidance, prayer, and the support the parishes provide to build a strong faith-based community. By focusing on faith, knowledge, and service, the children learn the importance of family, community, and serving others. 



St. Francis “Souper” Bowl Saturday is coming up on Saturday, February 4 from 10:00-2:00.  


The Life in the Spirit Seminar provides seven weekly sessions of teaching, guidance, sharing and prayer that lead to a new or deeper relationship with the Lord.  It is an invitation to make or renew a deep personal commitment to Jesus Christ in openness to the Holy Spirit and His Gifts.   The seminar will begin on Thursday, Feb. 23rd from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at St. Rose Catholic Church in Clintonville. This will run for seven weeks.  Information available at the entrances to church.  


If you know anyone who is in need of our prayers, please contact one of the following in our Kateri Prayer Circle:  Fay 715-799-3437, Evy 715-799-6031 or Leatha 715-994-1098.


Mark Your Calendars

February 1st  St. Michael 

6:00 – 7:15pm     Faith Formation 


February 2nd St. Mary

7:00 – 8 pm Mass “Presentation of the Lord”.

February 2nd St. Mary

7:00 – 8 pm Mass “Presentation of the Lord”. 

February 4th St. Michael’s

11 – 3:00 pm Thrift & Gift Open

February 4th         St Francis

10:00 am-2:00 pm “Souper” Bowl Saturday 

April 6th        St. Francis

6:00 -          Reconciliation Service




























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