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Bulletin Sept 3-4

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 September 3-4 2016



We are a Christian community called together to grow in faith and to celebrate God’s love for us in the Mass and Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Through the gospel message and our common worship we are challenged to give Christian witness by our lives and service to others. 


P.O. Box 610

Keshena, WI 54135

Parish Administrator, Fr. Joel Jores - 715-799-3811 -

           Associate Priest: Fr. Francis Zurbano-715-799-3811 - 

              Deacon Mark Fuller - 715-201-2961 

Parish Secretary, Vicki Hermsen  - 715-799-3811 -

Religious Education Lois Maczuzak  - 715-851-2947 -


SATURDAY MASS:  4:00 pm  SUNDAY MASS:  8:30 am

CONFESSION:    Saturday 3:30 - 3:45pm 

CONFESSION:        Sunday 8:00-8:15

ROSARY:  Saturday 3:30 pm     Sunday  8:30 am 

DAILY MASS: Chapel Southside of Church

Tuesday/Thursday   8:00 am  and Wednesday/Friday  10:00 am

KATERI PRAYER CIRCLE:  After 8 am mass on Thursday morning    

ADORATION:  1st Thursday of the Month from 6-7 pm 

ANNOINTING OF THE SICK: Individual arrangements can be made through the Parish Office

BAPTISM:  Preparation program required. Please contact the Parish Office. 

MARRIAGE:  Make arrangements with the pastor six months prior to desired date.

CONFIRMATION:  Next class 2018.


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Third Tuesday of the month – 7 pm,

Grand Knight Paul Marroquin 715-799-3765 








 Hello Everyone’

It is an honor writing in your bulletin, by the grace of God, may I be guided by the Holy Spirit to bring out His message to all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ of the Menominee Nation…Fr. Francis, m.f.

Being new to your parish, I would like to thank you again for the hospitality, warm welcome and amazing acceptance of my presence. It is just like I’m in the Philippines, my birth place… Thank you so much!

This is my very first article, so I still wish to express more of myself as your priest answering the call of God to serve you as my co-disciples of the Lord. I really appreciate your compliments, when after masses you would say; “father, good job”…”I like your homily father”…“father, you speak very good English”…“we love your sense of humor father”…you just don’t know how I’m very much overwhelmed, it gave me more confidence relating to you, considering that I don’t usually speak your language. I never thought my humor would ‘click’… I also appreciate how you would always greet me “how are you father?”...I feel I’m not alone. I love your generosity, those simple things (whatever it is) some of you are giving me, they mean a lot to me. Thank you very much!

I will be writing my articles for the whole month of September and my reference is the Shepherd School (it is some kind of an orientation for priests in relation to his pastoral works) recently given by the Diocese of Green Bay, I would like to share it with you.

So, last August 22-25, I attended the Shepherd School given to new pastors like me, along with some other priests from the Diocese. The very first thing we did was to identify our STRENGTHS. We were able to know our personal differences and our characters, in the POSITIVE sense. It was very important realizing our ‘gifts’ as a person, we were able to confirm our ‘abilities’ that we have. I say, this activity is very helpful to me, to be aware about my strengths, and my talents, so that I should know how to be effective in performing my priestly ministry. What is more significant is that, I can prepare myself how to use these strengths to be of service to you, people of God of the Menominee parishes. Perhaps we are familiar with our strengths as well. It can be useful for us so we can have a positive out-look in life.

However, I would also ask for your understanding; I admit, despite of these strengths, I have some flaws, I am not perfect, I can be vulnerable in some situations. Hence, I need your support, especially your PRAYERS. If I do something wrong, please don’t hate me, I will accept it and considers any corrections. I wish there will be no conflicts, but whenever there is, we can smoothly settle everything. I am disappointed by the mistakes of some people, but not of the persons themselves, I hope you stay this way with me too, nothing should be personal… can we talk it over with some fries and beer…or over for some steak..?

Hence, one of the essential themes in the shepherd school was the Diocese’s Vision and Mission, our identity as a Diocese. We must understand that this statement will tell us who we are and how we can actively participate in the endeavor of the Church. Using our talents and strengths, we can respond to the foresight of the Diocese: “We are missionary disciples striving to lead all people to the Kingdom of God”, as we realize its mission: “As friends and followers of Jesus, we are devoted to fostering households and communities of discipleship through the mission ministry of the Catholic Church”. We may have our specific vision and mission of our parish; that is just fine! There is no suggestion of CHANGING it (unless there is a need and you want it so), we just have to put that in lined with the Diocese’. Together, we continue to journey with the Lord, now that we have a better sight of the road we are taking, with confident hope of reaching our destiny, and by HIS unconditional LOVE.

God Bless - Fr. Francis, m.f.





Faith Formation Classes start on Wednesday, September 14th at 6:00 pm to 7:15pm. Parents/ Guardians can sign up either by taking and filling out a registration form found in the front of church and dropping it off at the parish office, or coming at 5:45 pm on Wednesday, September 14th and filling out the form. 

Parents/Guardian should plan on remaining for a meeting on policies, procedures and distribution of the calendar for the year. It is imperative that parents/guardian stay for this meeting, Parents/guardians you are the most important influence in your child’s life, you are the primary educators to your children! We are here to support your efforts in instilling our Catholic faith to your children. 

If you have any questions be sure to contact me at 715-851-2947,

God bless,

Lois Maczuzak       


WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!   It is easy and very rewarding to become a catechist! 

Call me and find out how easy it is!                                










    23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 

September 4, 2016

    09/05……………...………………..……….…No Mass     

09/06………................…………For Victis of Abortion

  09.07……....Deceased Priests of Green Bay Diocese 

  09/08……………………………….Kateri Prayer Circle 

09/09……………….........…For those in Public Office

 09/10………….......Members of St. Michaels Parish  

 09/11.......................Popoes, Priests & Religiuos Life 


                                             Liturgical Ministers                              

                                                          Saturday, September 10, 2016 - 4:00 am 

 Lector:  Paula Wilber  Servers: Asley Moses   Eucharistic Minister :  Cathy Wilber
           Sunday, September 11, 2016 - 8:30 am 
 Lector:  Kathy Tucker   Servers: Derick Minch    Eucharistic  Minister :  Rayna Tucker


 Financial Blessings

August 27 & 28


Envelopes      $783.00

  Loose           $616.96




Good things are happening around St. Michael’s.  Each week, we will spotlight a person, persons or group that that spotlight shines on.  If you know of someone from our parish that we need to recognize, please call or E-mail St. Michaels.  Thank you. 




 Spotlight shining on: Greg Wilber.  Greg has recently come back to St. Michaels. His mother Georgette Wilber, passed away November 8, 2013 and was a great inspiration to Greg with her singing and choir. He wants to inspire others to come back. Greg is involved in smudging, drumming and ushering.  Thank you Greg for all the hours you put in at St. Michael. 


On Thursday, Oct 13, 2016 we will be starting an adult faith formation retreat 33 days to Merciful Love with our combined four parishes. It will run for 6 weeks ending on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016. It is recommended to end the Jubilee Year of Mercy with the consecration to the Divine Mercy.  Think about joining in this celebration as we end the year of Mercy. Information posted at all entrances and in the blue flyer insert in the bulletin this week.   



The JOY Choir is looking to recruit more members.  Since Mass times have changed, there might be someone that goes to Mass on Saturday at 4:00 that would like to join the choir. If you know anyone interested, please pass this along.  Practice is every Saturday at 3:30 IN THE Fr. Barrett Hall. Please see Ellyn after mass or contact the Parish Office at 715-799-3811 for more information. 


The Food Pantry distribution dates will change in September due to Labor Day.  No Food Pantry on September 6th. Food Pantry will be held on September 13th and 20th. We are in need of brown paper bags.


We are open September 6th, 13th and 20th from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.  Contact Cookie Vigue if you have any questions 920-216-9240  


Book Share is now located in Father David Barrett Hall. It has new categories and lot of books to choose from. It will be open every first weekend of every month. Saturday after 4 pm mass and again Sunday morning after 8:30 am mass. It is also open every other Tuesday of the month along with Food Pantry and Thrift and Gift.




THE CORN ROAST WAS A HUGE SUCCESS. Thank you to St Michael’s Angels, Mary Mault,Derek Mault, Ruthie Tucker, Riley Tucker, Dennis Jansen, Joe Michel and all the volunteers who made this event successful!  


We are a Christian community called together to grow in faith and to celebrate God’s love for us in the Mass and Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Through the gospel message and our common worship we are challenged to give Christian witness by our lives and service to others

 St. Michael Pastoral Council:

Sylvia Wilber, President

Jackie Braun, Secretary

Tony Waupochick

Kathy King Tucker

Wendy Crawford

Wiladean (Willie) Peters

Bob Vigue


Elected Trustees

Pete Maczuzak Trustee/Treasurer

Jonathan Wilber, Trustee/Secretary




                                                           FUTURE EVENTS




The Food Pantry distribution dates will change in September due to Labor Day.  The dates are as follows:  September 13 and September 20. 


We are open the first and third Tuesday of the month from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.  In September we will be open an extra Tuesday. The dates are as follows:  September 6, 13 and September 20.  Contact Cookie Vigue if you have any questions 920-216-9240.  If you have a donation and no one is at Thrift & Gift, please drop off at the Parish Office. 


The ‘Blue Mass’ is a Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Bishop Ricken in gratitude for the generous service of public safety personnel who serve their communities each day throughout our Diocese. Both public safety personnel (emergency, law enforcement, protective services, etc.) and our all members of the community are invited. For more information, please visit: >>



 Thank-you to all who have volunteered and to those who donate books.  To continue, we need people willing to share an enjoyable hour on a Sunday morning after mass. You only need to make coffee and provide a snack. Volunteers spend their time looking for books and visiting.  Consider sharing just one hour as a gift to our parish. It is an enjoyable volunteering experience! Sign-up sheet in back of church. Any questions please call Kathy Lohmiller. 715-526-9385.

Every first of the month I will be putting out A NEW VARIETY of religious books in the back of the church on the rotating rack. Please choose a book to your liking and enjoy it at your leisure. You can either bring it back when you are done or pass it on to someone else who might enjoy it.  I have an abundance of spiritual books I would like to share with the congregation. I will also have inspirational family books and story books for children on religion.  Each month there will be something new to choose from. Please help yourself. God's Peace, St. Michael's Book-Share.











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