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Bulletin Sept. 24, 2017

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                   October 22, 2017, 29th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME




                                 ST. MICHAEL'S PARISH MISSION STATEMENT


We are a Christian community called together to grow in faith and to celebrate God’s love for us in the Mass and Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Through the gospel message and our common worship we are challenged to give Christian witness by our lives and service to others. 




                           ST. ANTHONY'S PARISH MISSION STATEMENT

St Anthony Church is a community of people where a 

sense of belonging welcomes one and all;

where tradition and culture offer deeper

faith,hope and love;

Where religious education becomes pathway to our identity.

            St. Anthony Church is a community of people

Where you belong forever.


Anamehawikamek Welcome 



ST MICHAEL’S                          and                                     St. Anthony's

                         P.O. Box 610        P.O. Box241

                     Keshena, WI 54135                             Neopit, WI 54150                             


      Parish Administrator, Fr. Joel Jores - 715-799-3811 -                           Associate Priest: Fr. Francis Zurbano-715-799-3811 - 

                    Deacon Mark Fuller - 715-201-2961 

      Parish Secretary St. Michael, Vicki Hermsen  - 715-799-3811 -

Parish Secretary St. Anthony, Mary Harte – 715-756-2361 – 

Religious Education Kathy King-Tucker - 715-799-3927 –  


Find us on Facebook:  stmichael Keshena and stanthony Neopit


ANNOINTING OF THE SICK: Individual arrangements can be made through the Parish Office

BAPTISM:  Preparation program required. Please contact the Parish Office.

MARRIAGE:  Make arrangements with the pastor six months prior to desired date.


CONFIRMATION:   Next class 2018.




Hello Everyone!

Fr. John Monbourquette, in his bestselling book How to Forgive, writes: “If you want to be happy for a moment, then seek r

evenge. If you want to be happy for a lifetime, then grant forgiveness”. Family background, community environment, geographical location custom, nationality, culture and trends, beliefs and religious orientations, etc. etc. are various factors of who we are now. But we can’t deny the fact that everyone needs to forgive and to be forgiven because as we were reminded by our Lord last Sunday” If your brother sins against you…” do this and do that. The parable of the unforgiving servant is one of the most clear messages that we are loved by God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. This is an invitation for all of us to ponder the value of the sacrament of Confession. What is this sacrament for you brother/sister? What blocks you in going to confession? How much you know of real message and meaning about confession? We need to clean our house, our surroundings, our car, our Fridge and how many times we do that? How about our soul, how many times we try to clean it with the sacrament of Confession? To some extent, one of the effects of not valuing the sacrament of Reconciliation is the inability to value the sacrament of Baptism because to have babies baptized means parents must guide them in the path of life-faith journey. And to say: “I leave that thing of baptism when my child reaches the age of reason” is saying: I don't take responsibility of the growth of his/ her life. Why? Because the point is missed. Life is a gift from God. Church goers are the voice of God to non-Church goers. Church as family of God and Church as House of prayer of the family of God.  God bless us all. 


Fr. Joel




The Mass: A slice at a Time - The Liturgical Year

Sacred Silent Prayer


On Sundays, after we sing together the Glory to God in the highest, the priest says: “Let us pray”, and then is silent for a time. No, he is not lost and looking for his place in the Roman Missal, the large prayer book that the altar server carries for him. He is spending a few moments in silent prayer, and he has invited us to do the same. We call to mind our needs, the needs of the family and our special intentions. Then the priest says a general prayer to gather up all this silent prayer and then we say our “Amen” which is the Hebrew word for “So be it”.



On Wednesday, Sept. 20th we had 24 students attend class and the First Novena Mass for St. Michael. This is a great start for our Faith Formation. Thank you Fr. Francis for the homily geared toward the children.  There is still time to register for classes. Come next Wednesday at 5:30 and sign up.  I would like to thank the following catechists for volunteering this year: 

    Lois Maczuzak Patty Fuller     Rose James

Vicky Minch Myrtle Mahkimetas

Attention high school students through young adults who are interested in confirmation. We are considering holding classes on Tuesday evenings. Please contact the office or stop by next Wednesday, Sept. 27th at 5:30 to register.



On October 29th, a Mass for those who are dealing with alcohol and other drug abuse issues will be said.  The Mass is being offered for friends and family members who are grieving the loss of someone to this deadly disease.  Also being remembered and prayed for are those individuals in the throes of addiction.  Drug addiction and alcoholism are destroying this community and are severely impacting the lives of innocent people, especially the children.  St. Anthony’s wants to do its part in combatting this plague and knows how powerful prayer is to impart healing and change.  Coffee and donuts will be served in the community center after Mass. Please join us and help to spread the word.


We are asking for help to keep the church tidy and clean.  Teams of 2 or 3 people are needed for 20 minutes each week for light cleaning chores.  This cleaning can take place right before Mass on Sunday or on a Saturday, whenever it is most convenient for the team.  There will be a signup sheet in the back of church.  Please bring your questions to any member of the worship committee.  Thank you


Our next fundraiser will be Thursday, October 5, starting at 7:00am.  We will be featuring a delicious meal of homemade, secret recipe BBQ beef sandwich, homemade baked beans and potato salad.  If you can help and donate some potato salad, please let Jacci know. We are also looking for monetary donations for the beef and buns.  Thank you


October in the month of the Rosary.  St. Anthony’s will celebrate this occasion by praying the Rosary in Neopit Park on Saturday, October 14th and 21st.   This public prayer event will begin at 6:00pm.  Participants will be able to enjoy cider and donuts afterwards.  The Rosary will be offered up on behalf of the community for its wellbeing. 



September 24th, Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 

St. Michael

St. Michael

09/25 6 pm………..……….…………Members of St. Michael Parish

09/26 6 pm…..Rev. Maurice Mmegbuadimma, Rev. Tom Long

09/27 6 pm……………………………………..Deacon Mark Gribowski

09/28 6 pm……………………………………………..Kateri Prayer Circle

09/29 8 am.………………………………………..Our Parish Volunteers

09/30 …..……………….Victims of Abortion & Souls in Purgatory 

10/01…Glen & Rick Van Camp and Family, Living & Deceased

St. Anthony

09/24 ………………… Royale, Sr and Jr.and George  Warrington


10/01 ………………………………………….………………Dennison James


 St. Michael Financial Blessings 


$  816.00


$ 682.00 

Building & Grounds

$ 303.03




 St. Anthony Financial Blessings 


$   316.00  


$    91.11

Hurricane Relief

$    81.35

Liturgical Ministers   

 Lector       Servers        Eucharistic

Saturday, September  30, 4:00 pm 

Lisa Peters

Ella & Claire Chevalier

Cathy Wilber

 Sunday, October 1, 9:00 am


Gryphon Braun


Nancy Michel


 Saturday, October 7, 4:00 pm


Doreen Dickie

Isabella Waupochick

Jean Thibodeau

Sunday, Oct. 8, 9:00 am 

Kathy Tucker

Derek Minch

Rayna Tucker


St. Anthony Liturgical Ministers                           

 Lectoe         Servers          Eucharistic
Sunday, September 24, 10:30 am  







The Novena Masses for St. Michael will start on Wednesday, September 20th at 6 pm. There will be no morning Mass from 9/20 -9/28.  Mass will be celebrated on Monday, 9/25 at 6 pm. Feast of St.  Michael will be celebrated on Friday, 9/29/2017 at 8 am. There will be a potluck breakfast after Mass.  



Currently, Catholics residing in CBRF are receiving communion.

St. Anthony’s is going to expand this practice to reach the entire community.  If you know someone who would appreciate receiving this gift please let a member of the worship committee know.  


The pastoral council is cleaning the center kitchen and basement on Saturday, Sept 30 at 9:00am.  They are looking for some volunteers to help them.  There will be a pot luck lunch following the cleanup.


Thursday, November 2nd is All Souls Day and will be the date for our ghost supper.  Mass will be said at 6:00pm with the supper to immediately follow in the community center.  If you have any questions, please ask a member of the worship committee.



St. Michael’s Ghost Supper is scheduled for Saturday, November 4th   after the 4:00 Mass. There will be a potluck in the Barrett Hall with a fire to follow.  Families of recently deceased will be getting the information in the mail in October.   


There is a huge need within our parishes for diapers.  There will be a diaper drive the month of October. Diapers can be dropped off at both St. Michael’s and St. Anthony’s. 



Monday, August 28th, starting at 7:00am, St. Anthony will be selling its famous and delicious Waukau boys’ chili along with a homemade bun.  We will also be serving a soup selection.  We are looking for volunteers to help Monday morning with packaging the to-go orders and delivering them. We also need bun bakers. Please talk to Jacci if you are able to help.  The more the merrier.  Thank you. 



I Paul Dutkiewicz & Donna Marie Kaquatosh

Canon Law 1057 states: the conference of bishops is to issue norms concerning the examination of the parties, and the marriage banns or other appropriate means for carrying out the necessary inquiries which are to precede marriage. The pastor can proceed to assist a marriage after such norms have been diligently observed. Since marriage is not a private possession of the two parties but a matter of public interest, both ecclesial and secular societies have traditionally enacted legislation concerning basic requirements for marriage, aimed at assuring they will not enter into a relationship detrimental to themselves, possible children, or the community.


2017 WI Shrine Pilgrimage to approved Marian Shrines of Wisconsin with The Most Reverend David L. Ricken. October 26–28, 2017.   For information, visit www.thecompassnews. org or call (920) 272-8212. Sponsored by: The Compass, Official Newspaper for the Diocese of Green Bay. 



GOD IS CALLING YOU - BAPTISM opens the door.

For more information call

Father Joel or Father Francis


at 715-799-3811 .



Thrift & Gift will be open Oct. 3nd and 17th during Food Pantry and also Saturday, October 28th from 11 am – 2 pm.  If you have a donation, it can be dropped off at Parish Office or Thrift & Gift if open. We need plastic bags.

It’s time to “GROW A ROW” AND “SHARE THE BOUNTY”!  These programs are hunger prevention programs which allow gardeners to bring their excess produce to drop off sites where it is distributed to families and individuals who can use it. There is no paper work for the recipient. It is a “win-win” situation because recipients get healthy food and gardeners know their produce will not be wasted.  Drop off will be Monday, Oct. 2nd,  11 am to 1 pm and Tuesday 11 am – 2 pm. Pick up is Tuesday Oct. 3rd, 1-3 pm. This is for St. Michael’s Food Pantry.




Book share will be open next Sunday, October 1st. after 9 am Mass.  Please join us and pick up a few new books.  Looking for new ideas for dinner, quick & easy or one dish or others? Need some new recipes for the upcoming holidays?  Book Share has a lot of cookbooks to fill everyone’s needs!  Please come and browse our large selection.  We even have cookbooks for kids! If you have any questions, please call Ann at 715-851-0160.


St. Michael Food Pantry will be open on October 3rd and 17th.   St. Michael’s is in need of plastic bags, diapers, hygiene products, cereal and brown bags. 


A progress report of the church’s renovation project and financial status in addition to other information will be presented at a meeting immediately following Mass today in the community center.  Coffee and donuts will be provided.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in this meeting regarding the welfare of St. Anthony’s. 



Our annual meeting will be held on Sunday, October 8th immediately following 9 am Mass.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in this meeting regarding the welfare of St. Michael’s. 



Deadline for new information is 9:00 pm Tuesday evenings. Contact parish office to Submit. 

St.Michael's Parish Office Hours:

Office hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 am to 3 pm., Wednesday and Friday 9 am to 1 pm. If you have an urgent matter, please contact Fr. Joel or Fr. Francis.


St. Anthony's Parish Office Hours: 

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm.



Fr. Joel will have office hours as follows:

Tuesday – St. Michael’s

Wednesday – St. Francis

Thursday – St. Anthony



Mark Your Calendars

 09/24/2017 Annual Meeting St. Anthony

11:30 am

09/29/2017 Feast of St. Michael St. Michael 

8 am Mass – Potluck

10/01/2017 Book Share St. Michael

10 am

10/03/2017 Finance Council St. Michael

11 am

10/04/2017 Pastoral Council St. Anthony 5pm


10/05/2017 Adoration St. Michael

6 pm

10/06/2017 BBQ Fundraiser St. Anthony

7 am until gone 

10/08/2017 Annual Meeting St. Michael

10 am

10/10/2017 & 10/11 NO MASS St. Michael

10/11/2017 Adoration St. Anthony

6 pm


10/12/2017 Worship Committee St. Anthony


                        MASS TIMES:

                               St. Michael – 5:00 pm Saturday/ 9:00 am Sundays

      St. Anthony – 10:30 am Sundays

               St. Francis Solanus – 8:30 am Sundays

St. Mary10:30 am Sunday


 St. MichaelStarting AFTER Labor Day, Saturday, September 9th,

     Mass will change back to 4:00 pm until Memorial Day, 2018              


















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