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June 2 , 2019

 Ascension of the Lord


St. Michael’s Christian Community, located on the Menominee Indian Reservation, is a diverse Christian community reaching out to all residents, learning, loving, sharing, and communicating with one another through the teachings and practices celebrated in the Mass and the holy sacraments of the Catholic Church by integrating sacred symbols and spiritual practices of the Menominee.



Anamehawikamek Welcome 



                                                 ST MICHAEL’S                                                   

                                                                         P.O. Box 610  

                                                                    Keshena, WI 54135  

 Pastoral Staff:

Fr. Nonito Barra

Parish Administrator (715) 799-3811

Rectory (715) 994-1337

Fr. Joel Jores

Parochial Vicar (715) 787-3377

Mark Fuller

Deacon (715) 201-2961

Vicki Hermsen

Parish Secretary (715) 799-3811

Kathy King-Tucker

Religious Education (715) 799-3927

Parish Trustees:

Kathy Kaquatosh

Kitty Gilane

Pastoral Council Chair:

Sylvia Wilber

Finance Council Chair:

Andy Sulskis

Thrift N Gift Coordinator:

Cookie Vigue

Food Pantry Coordinator:

Pat Gwidt

Mass Schedule:

Saturday:  5:00 pm

Sunday:  9:00 am

Reconciliation: Saturday 4:30 – 4:45 pm

Daily Mass Chapel:  8:00 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Kateri Prayer Circle:

After 8:00 am Mass Thursday morning

SATURDAY MASS:    5:00 pm  

SUNDAY MASS:   9:00 am

CONFESSION:        Saturday 4:30 - 4:45pm

ROSARY:  Saturday 3:40 pm     Sunday  8:35 am

DAILY MASS:      Chapel Southside of Church


           Mission Statement: St. Michael’s Christian Community, located on the Menominee Indian Reservation, is a diverse Christian community reaching out to all residents, learning, loving, sharing and communicating with one another through the teachings and practices celebrated in the Mass & the holy sacraments of the Catholic Church by integrating sacred symbols and spiritual practices of the Menominee. 


SATURDAY MASS:    5:00 pm     SUNDAY MASS:  9:00 am

CONFESSION:     Saturday 3:30 - 3:45pm     ROSARY:  Saturday 3:40 pm     Sunday  8:40 am

DAILY MASS:    Chapel Southside of Church Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday, Friday 8:00 am    

HOLY HOUR:  1st Thursday of the Month from 6-7 pm

ANNOINTING OF THE SICK: Individual arrangements can be made through the Parish Office

BAPTISM:  Preparation program required. Please contact the Parish Office. 

MARRIAGE:  Make arrangements with the pastor six months prior to desired date.

CONFIRMATION:   Wednesdays  6-7:30 September-May

  A Note from Fr. Joel

Today’s celebration of the Ascension of the Lord can get lost. It comes between two other significant moments in the life of the young Church of followers of Jesus. A few weeks ago, we celebrated the greatest day in the liturgical calendar, the Resurrection of the Lord.  In a few days, we will celebrate another important event for the same babe, freshman Church, the Descent of the Holy Spirit. 

I heard someone say that grandparents are happy about their grandchildren on two occasions: 1) when they come and 2) when they leave. Hahahaha!!!  Grandma and Grandpa are yes very happy indeed to see them come and then after a bit of thought, like:  um . . . you disturb my routine. . .you better go…see you next time around!  

Graduation parties were just thrown here and there, finally he/she made it and everybody is happy!  We made it!  And soon the next time around, he/she will be going away to continue pursuing the dream. Grandparents and parents’ support of any sort remains intact, as needed, and is coupled with loving trust that he/she will real take care of him/herself all the way.  Physical distance between them becomes one of the factors wherein the need of divine intercession kicks in.  So, we invoke in prayer God’s presence to our loved ones. 

When Jesus ascended in heaven before the very eyes of his disciples, he assured them of not leaving them orphans but promised them his continued support by sending soon the Holy Spirit with whom they will be baptized and receive the necessary power to be His bold witnesses in the days to come. And we are all included in that encounter for we continue His Mission.  A blessed Ascension Sunday to all. 


Co-Traveler, Fr. Joel, mf


Wear Red, Yellow, Orange for Pentecost

Pentecost, is observed fifty days after Easter and 10 days after Ascension. This year Pentecost is observed on Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th. It marks the end of the Easter cycle; that began 90 days ago with Ash Wednesday at the start of Lent. The day commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames to the Apostles, as recorded in the New Testament in Acts, 2. In celebration of Pentecost, we are asked to wear red, yellow and orange to represent the flames of the Holy Spirit. 


The Mass – A slice at a time

The Eucharistic Prayer 


Now the center and high point of the entire celebration begins, namely, the Eucharistic Prayer itself, that is, the prayer of thanksgiving and sanctification. The priest calls upon the people to lift up their hearts towards the Lord in prayer and thanksgiving; he associates the people with himself in the Prayer that he addresses in the name of the entire community to God the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, the meaning of this Prayer is that the whole congregation of the faithful joins with Christ in confessing the great deeds of God and in the offering of Sacrifice. The Eucharistic Prayer requires that everybody listens to it with reverence and in silence. To be continued…

Baptism Prep Class


We will host Baptism prep class in Father Barrett Hall on Saturday June 8th at 9am. Please contact the parish office to sign up if you are planning to attend. Parents and Godparents are to attend this before the baptism.


Ascension of our Lord

At the end of His earthly life, Jesus ascends triumphantly into heaven. The Church acclaims Him in His holy humanity, invited to sit on the Father's right hand and to share His glory. But Christ's Ascension is the pledge of our own. Filled with an immense hope, the Church looks up towards her leader, who precedes her into the heavenly home and takes her with Him in His own person: "for the Son of God, after incorporating in Himself those whom the devil's jealousy had banished from the earthly paradise, ascends again to His Father and takes them with Him" (St. Leo).

Look up to heaven today. See Christ ascending to his Father and our Father. Say: “Thank you, God, for creating me, and for giving me, through the Incarnation of your beloved Son, the possibility and the assurance that if I do my part here, when death comes it will not be an enemy but a friend, to speed me on my way to the true, supernatural life which you have, in your love, planned and prepared for me.” 

Kateri Prayer Circle

Never underestimate the power of prayer. Just one small prayer can change your life. If you or your family members need prayers for any reason, please call one of our Kateri Prayer Circle members, who will in turn call members of their group.  Soon, many prayers will be offered for your specific prayer request.  Please call: 

Fay Waupochick 715-799-3437

Leatha Grinhaug 715-994-1098

You can also call the parish office with your Prayer request 715-799-3811. 




                                                                                                                 June 2, 2019

                                                                                  The Ascension of the Lord


6/03....…..…....……..……….…………….……..…No Mass    

6/04………………..…Rev William Kuhr, Rev Andrew Kurz

6/05….…Deacon Byron Otradovec, Deacon David Parker

6/06…………………………………...…Kateri Prayer Circle

6/07…………………………………………Missing Children

6/08…..……………............Members of St. Michael Parish

6/09…………………………………….Esther Tucker Vigue 

 Financial Blessings May 25th & 26


$ 1,036.00


$ 1,109.98  

Thrift and Gift

$    274.00

Non-restrictive Donations




Liturgical Ministers  


 Saturday, June 8, 5 pm

 Lector        Servers      Eucharistic Ministe 

Bryan Lepscier


Deacon Mark


Sunday, June 9,  9 am                                                         

 Lector         Servers      Eucharistic Minister 

Jim & Ellie Sokoly

Donna Smith


Saturday, June 15, 5 pm                                                         

Lector       Servers      Eucharistic Minister

Lela & Matt Schwitzer

Pat Gwidt


Sunday, June 16, 9 am                                                          

 Lector       Servers      Eucharistic Minister

Bryan Lepscier

Jean Thibodeau


 2019 Bishop’s Appeal

Father Nonito and Father Joel would like to thank our parish members for contributing to the Bishop’s Appeal. We have exceeded our goal of $6,582.00. We have received $10,740.00 to date. Thank you to everyone who contributed.


Buildings & Grounds Collection

June 15th & 16th we will have out monthly B & G collection. Monies collected are used to maintain and improve our parish buildings and grounds. Please be generous.


St. Michael’s Festival

Our Festival is right around the corner, Saturday, June 29th.  This year we will be having a bike raffle. We are looking for bike donations. We are also in need of volunteers.  


Mug Club

The Mug Club support group is for all caregivers. We will meet the first Tuesday of the Month from 5pm – 7pm at the Fellman Center – 607 E Elizabeth Street Shawano. Call Heidi Russell, Director of Aging at 715-526-4686 for more information

St. Francis Solanus, Gresham Parish Picnic

Please save the date. Sunday July 14th will be our annual Polka Mass followed by parish picnic. Everyone is invited to attend. 

Parish Office Hours

May 1st through August, 2019, the Parish Office will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9 am – 1 pm.  Please contact Fr. Joel for urgent matters at Leopolis Rectory (715) 787-3377.

Fellowship Sunday/Book Share

Next Sunday, June 9th will be Fellowship Sunday/Book Share following 9 am Mass.  Please join us for coffee and doughnuts. 


Raffle Tickets for Festival June 29th 

Raffle tickets will be for sale before and after Mass today in the main entrance. If you would like to sign up to sell tickets, please stop by and fill out the sign-up sheet.  Tickets are $5 each or three for $10.   

Fr. Nonito Vacation

Fr. Nonito will be on vacation from May 29 – June 27. Week day Mass will be every other week when Fr. Joel is available. Please watch the bulletin for changes to this schedule. Fr. Joel will be available during this time.  Thank you. 


Parish Office Hours

 Effective May 1st through August, 2019, the Parish Office will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.  Please contact the Rectory if there is an urgent matter at 715-994-1337.


Mass Intentions

There are a lot of days open to have Masses said for your loved ones in 2019. Please stop in the Parish Office. The Mass stipend is $10.



The Community Resource Center in Keshena offers an array of classes including computer skills, preparing for employment, and much more. Classes are open to the general public. Call 715-799-5137 for more information. 


Holy Hour

Holy Hour will be Thursday, June 6th at 6:00 pm.


Food Pantry

The food pantry will be open Tuesday, June 4th and June 18th,1-3 pm.. We are in need of volunteers for a few hours on a Tuesday once a month.  


St. Michael’s Thrift N Gift 

Thrift & Gift will be open Tuesday, June 4th and June 18th,1-3 pm.. If you have a donation, it can be dropped off at the Parish Office or Thrift N Gift.   


Book Share 

Book share is open the second Sunday of the month, which will be next Sunday, June 9th, following 9 am Mass in conjunction with Fellowship Sunday.  Remember we have books for all ages, cookbooks, resource books and religious too!  You are always welcome to drop books off either at the entrance to church before Mass or at the church office when they are open. Questions, please call Anne Sulskis at 715-851-0160.  Thank you! 


Estate Planning

When doing your estate planning, please remember St. Michael Parish.  If you have questions, please contact the parish office at 715-799-3811. 


Mass for the homebound: 

 Mass services for the Homebound are offered by the following TV stations: WACY-TV- channel 32 at 8:00 am Sundays, WBAY-TV-channel 2 at 5:30 am on Sundays. Mass offered online at Check the website for times and dates. 


 Parish Office Hours St. Michael 

The Parish office will be open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.



Deadline for new information is 9:00 pm Monday evenings. Contact parish office to Submit.  






                  Mark Your Calendars/Events St. M

         6/4/2019 Thrift N Gift Noon – 3 pm

6/4/2019 Food Pantry 1-3 pm

6/6/19 Holy Hour  6 pm

6/8/19 Baptismal Prep   9 am

6/8-6/9 Home Missions Collection

6/9/2019 Fellowship Sunday 10 am

        6/10-6/14 NO DAILY MASSES 

6/15-6/16 Buildings & Grounds Collection

6/17-6/22 Father Joel @ Diocesan Priest Retreat 


6/18/2019 Thrift N Gift Noon – 3 pm

6/18/2019 Food Pantry 1-3 pm 

6/29/2019 Parish Festival  10am-3pm

6/29-6/30          F ood Pantry Collection







                           St. Michael – 5:00 pm Saturday; 9:00 am Sunday

St. Anthony – 10:30 am Sunday

           St. Francis Solanus – 8:30 am Sunday

                                           St. Mary - 4:00 pm Saturday                                                 











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