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St. Michael’s/St. Anthony’s Faith Formation Registration Form


Child’s Name: _______________________________________Age:____Grade:__

Last                    First

Birthdate:_________________       Parish:_________________________________

Father’s Name:__________________________________________________________

Mother’s Name:_________________________________________________________


Guardian’s Name:________________________________________________________

(If applicable)

Mailing Address:________________________________________________________

 E-mail Address:________________________________________________________

Contact Phone:_______________Daytime Work Phone:____________________

Cell Phone:_____________________________________________________________

Sacramental Information:        Date                                       Place

Baptized                   ______________          _________________________

First Reconciliation  ___________                ________________________

First Communion     ____________              __________________________

Medical Conditions:_______________ _________________________________________
___________________________________________________________________________________________Medical Consent:  In the event of an injury, I give my permission to transport my child to a hospital for emergency medical treatment.  I also grant permission to any and all health care providers designated by St. Michael’s staff to provide my child any and all necessary medical care related to the injury or illness.  I further understand I will be contacted as soon as practical as to the medical emergency and be provided will all necessary information related to the medical emergency.  Date:________________ Signature:_______________________

Photo/Video Release:  I hereby give my permission to St. Michael’s Parish for photographs/videos that may include my child’s images to be used in promotional materials.  This includes any prints, copies, release all rights and privileges for financial obligations for this permission.  


Cost:  $30             Cash_____    Check____           


 Date:__________ Signature:________________________


Volunteer Opportunities: Our Youth Faith Formation (Religious Education) program is completely run by our volunteer teachers.  Without their generous help we would be unable to offer these vital services to our young people. All volunteers are greatly appreciated! Each volunteer has undergo background checks, take part in an Abuse- Awareness Training Seminar, and sign an Oath of Fidelity to the Catholic Church before they can teach in our religious education. Parents are the primary religious educators of their children. Parents are expected to attend Mass each weekend with their child. Children do as they see; not as they are told. Know that your continued interest, involvement and prayers do influence your child’s perception of what the Christian life is all about.


The objective of our religious education program is not only to deepen one’s knowledge about the Catholic Faith, but to inspire our students to live their lives a certain way. In particular, the ultimate aim is to encourage our students to PRACTICE their faith. Jesus tells his disciples very clearly in the gospel, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15). The third commandment obliges us to keep the Christian Sabbath day holy. This means that parents and students are REQUIRED to attend Sunday Mass every week; only serious illness or an inability to be physically present where Mass is being celebrated serve as adequate excuses. Since God gives us 168 hours every week, certainly we can give one hour in return. This is extremely important as it serves as an example and encourages our children to practice their faith and to grow into adults with a mature Catholic faith.


Classes start at 6:15 on Wednesday, September 16th.  There will be a brief meeting with the parents/guardians, introduce the teachers and discuss the structure of the program, curriculum, and “What I learned sheet”, policies.

We look forward a wonderful year!  God bless!

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