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Sept. 13, 2020

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    September 13, 2020

Twenty-forth Sunday in Ordinary Time


 St. Michael’s Christian Community, located on the Menominee Indian Reservation, is a diverse Christian community reaching out to all residents, learning, loving, sharing, and communicating

with one another through the teachings and practices celebrated in the Mass and the

holy sacraments of the Catholic Church by integrating sacred symbols and spiritual practices of the Menominee.


Anamehawikamek Welcome 



                                                ST MICHAEL’S                                                   

                                                                         P.O. Box 610  

                                                                    Keshena, WI 54135  

                Faceboook link: >>>> 

Pastoral Staff:

Fr. Nonito Barra

Parish Administrator (715) 799-3811

Rectory (715) 994-1337

Mark Fuller

Deacon (715)201-2961

Vicki Hermsen

Parish Secretary (715) 799-3811

Kathy King-Tucker

Religious Education (715) 799-3927

Parish Trustees:

Kitty Gilane

Alicia Wilke 

Pastoral Council Chair:

Tony Waupochick

Finance Council Chair:

Pete Maczuzak

Thrift N Gift Coordinator:

Cookie Vigue

Food Pantry Coordinator:

Pat Gwidt

      Mass Schedule:  Saturday: 5:00 pm Sunday:  9:00 am

Reconciliation: Saturday 4:30 – 4:45 pm

Daily Mass Chapel:  8:00 am Tuesday, Wednesday,

      Thursday, Friday

Kateri Prayer Circle:  After 8:00 am Mass Thursday morning

      After 8:00 am Mass Thursday morning

SATURDAY MASS:    5:00 pm  

SUNDAY MASS:  9:00 am

CONFESSION:   Saturday 4:30 - 4:45pm

   PARISH OFFICE HOURSMonday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 am-2 pm

             Wednesday, Friday 9 am -1 pm 

HOLY HOUR:  1st Thursday of the Month from 6-7 pm

 KATERI PRAYER CIRCLE:  After 8:00 am Mass Thursday morning 

ANNOINTING OF THE SICK: Individual arrangements can be made through                                                                                          the Parish Office

BAPTISM:  Preparation program required. Please contact the Parish Office. 

MARRIAGE:  Make arrangements with the pastor six months

      prior to desired date.


Mission Statement: St. Michael’s Christian Community, located on the Menominee Indian Reservation, is a diverse Christian community reaching out to all residents, learning, loving, sharing and communicating with one another through the teachings and practices celebrated in the Mass & the holy sacraments of the Catholic Church by integrating sacred symbols and spiritual practices of the Menominee. 


A Note From Your Deacon  

Ever wonder why Peter asked Jesus how many times he had to forgive his brother and then asked if seven times was enough.  One might get the feeling that maybe Peter was getting a little weary and annoyed of forgiving those who kept doing the same selfish thing over and over again.  Underneath Peter’s question is the assumption that surely there must be a limit to forgiveness.  Of course, Peter gets it wrong and is once again seeing things as a human being but not as God sees things. I wonder what the tone of Jesus’ voice was when He corrects Peter and says “I say to you, not seven times but seventy-seven times.”  I ‘d like to think that Jesus might be smiling and encouraging as he tells Peter to forgive again and again and again (77 times).  It is not easy thing to do! Still, unforgiveness can lead to ongoing states of resentment and anger.  Chronic anger and forgiveness is not good for our spiritual heart or for our physical heart.  One large, older study published in Circulation in 2000 found that among 12,986 middle-aged black and white men and women, those who rated high in traits such as anger but had normal blood pressure were more prone to coronary artery disease (CAD) or heart attack. In fact, the angriest people faced roughly twice the risk of CAD and almost three times the risk of heart attack compared to subjects with the lowest levels of anger.  We are to forgive seventy-seven times.  Here is one way we can do this. Suppose somebody did us a great injustice in the past and every time we meet that person or think of that person, we have feelings of revenge, resentment or anger. Forgiving seventy-seven times is thinking thoughts of forgiveness every time we meet that person or think of that person. Forgiving seventy-seven times is breaking the cycle of thinking revengefully and instead thinking forgivingly.  


In His Mercy, 

Deacon Mark  



The Mass: A Slice at a time

Christ’s faithful may participate in the eucharistic Sacrifice and receive holy communion in any catholic rite, without prejudice to the provisions of can. 844. (Canon 924). This canon deals with the different autonomous Churches mentioned in canon 111-112. 





Religious Education Update 


Due to the current COVID situation, St. Michael’s Faith Formation classes will not be starting this September.  It is our believe that “Parents/guardians are their children’s primary and principal educators”, this guideline and philosophy of the Bishops’ of the United States is our motivation.   

We will send packets to help teach children about God’s love and our Catholic faith.  Every month we will send out a month’s worth of weekly lessons that go along with the Gospel reading of the week with other teaching materials about the traditions of our Catholic faith.  

If you wish to have the packets sent to your home, please call the parish office or pick up a form in the entrance to church. 


Reinstatement of Sunday Obligation

Following much careful consideration, the dispensation for Sunday Mass obligation has been lifted and beginning the weekend of Sept. 19 and 20, all Catholics will once again gather as a community of faith on Sundays. The lifting of the dispensation was announced in a decree issued by Bishop David Ricken on Monday, Sept. 7. With this news, please note there are still occasions when the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply: - If individual Catholics struggle with serious health concerns or are physically or morally prevented from worshipping at Mass for a grave reason - If individuals are frail due to illness or age or, in their well-formed consciences believe that going into public places including Sunday worship at Mass would place their health or the health of their loved ones in serious jeopardy - If individuals are sick, or have been in contact with someone who has been sick The faithful who are unable to attend Mass are urged to make holy the Lord’s Day and to pray, read the Scriptures, watch a broadcast or livestreamed Mass and take part in acts of charity. 

The diocese also issued guidelines for public Masses at These guidelines make clear that face masks are still required, and that, while restrictions will be lifted on the percentage of people at Mass, the standards of social distancing will still be upheld. The obligation to attend Mass for Catholics reflects our faith in Jesus Christ, the blessing of the Holy Eucharist and an acknowledgment of His great love for us.



Face Masks

Menominee Tribal Legislature requires all residents and visitors to the Menominee Reservation age 10 and older to wear a face mask covering any time they are in contact with other people who are not household members. 



St. Michael Prayer

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.  Amen 



September 6, 2020

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time  

09/12…………………………………….Joseph Otradovec 

09/13…The people of St. Michael, St. Anthony, St. Mary 

                     and St. Francis Solanus

09/14………………………………………………...No Mass

09/15………………………………………………...No Mass

09/16…..…………………………..………………...No Mass

09/17……...…………………………………………No Mass 

09/18…………………………………………………No Mass

09/19..……………………………………..Elmira Kaquatosh 

09/20…...........................................……….…JoAnn Lewis 


 Financial Blessings September  5 & 6




   $   271.00

Thrift N Gift


Thank for your generous donations!  


Church Envelopes

Our envelopes for the fiscal year 2020-2021 are in the main entrance. Please pick these up.  Thank you. 


Liturgical Ministers

Saturday, September 19, 5 pm

 Lector     Temp Taker    Usher

Karen Millet Metzler

Jean Thibodeau

Dave Thibodeau


Sunday, September 20, 9 am 

Lector          Temp Taker    Usher 

Justin Lepscier

Mary Lewellin

Vicki Hermsen


Saturday, September 26, 5 pm

 Lector       Temp Taker     Usher 

Pat Gwidt

Karen Lynch

Anne Sulskis


Sunday, September 27, 9 am 

Lector         Temp Taker     Usher  

Jim & Ellie Sokoly

Cookie Vigue

Bob Vigue


Handicap Entrance

The side entrance will be open for our parishioners with walkers and other challenges.  The temperature taker will come to you, just sanitize your hands and sit near the front.      
 Welcome Rev. Raja

Rev. Raja Selvam is a Catholic Diocesan Priest of the diocese of Sivagangai, India. Ordained in 2007 he served as Associate Pastor for three years in his home diocese, and then became Associate Editor of the Regional Catholic Weekly “Nam Vazhvu” (Our Life) run by Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Tamil Nadu, India. He was student-in-resident in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, then served as an associate pastor at Mary Star Catholic Church, San Pedro for two years. He also served as the director of 'Apostleship of the Sea - Catholic Maritime Ministry' at the port of LA. Besides his priestly academic formation in Philosophy and Theology, he holds a master's degree in Theology from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. He is much fascinated in the field of arts - writings, music and media ministries. He has been a preacher, journalist, author, lyricist and liturgical music composer. He is an author of ten books, both in his mother tongue Tamil and in English and composed 160 liturgical hymns in Tamil. Concerned with the communicative nature of witness, he is currently doing his doctoral studies at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. 

Fr. Raja will be helping Fr. Nonito with Masses and sacraments until the end of December at our four parishes.  Please welcome him. 
 WELCOME! The Lord has called all of us to a new way of living under His wonderful grace as our Savior. May joy and peace be yours as we praise our Lord and grow close to God and one another. It is a pleasure to have you worshipping with us. If you are considering joining our parish, please talk with Fr. Nonito or call the Parish Office at 715-799-3811. Anyone who has not officially signed up and would like to be a registered member, please stop in the office and fill out a form. It is that easy! 

Welcome Fr. Raja

St. Michael would like to welcome Fr. Raja Selvam who will be helping our four parishes through December. He will be staying at the rectory in Gresham. More information in next weeks’ bulletin. 

Mission Appeal September 12th & 13th 

Fr. Paulus Yohanes Dharmawan Adharius (Wawan), s.x. of the St. Francis Xavier Missionaries or Fr. Paulus Yohanes Dharmawan Adharius (Wawan), s.x. of the St. Francis Xavier Missionaries will be preaching the Mission Appeal next Sunday as part of the annual Missionary Cooperation Plan. Being exclusively a foreign mission society, the Xaverian Fathers and Brothers depend greatly on proceeds from this collection.  They carry out their service in Bangladesh, Brazil, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Columbia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Spain, Taiwan, and the United States.


2020 FUNDRAISERS $7,655 of $10,000

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 fundraisers at St. Michael’s have been suspended until it is safe to resume. We would be grateful for monetary donations to offset the loss of this source of revenue ($10,000) to keep our Parish solvent. Please mail or drop off donations at the Parish office or drop in the collection basket indicating it is for fundraising. We need $2,245 to reach our goal. Thank you for your continued support of our Parish during this time.


Each one of us is chosen to become ever closer to our Lord...

Let us spend some time regularly in reading from the New Testament and in contemplation of Christ on the cross. Then we can better examine our conscience and ask Jesus to make us more like Him. 


 Kateri Prayer Circle        

Never underestimate the power of prayer. Just one small prayer can change your life. If you or your amily members need prayers for any reason, please call one of our Kateri Prayer Circle members, who will in turn call members of their group.  Soon, many prayers will be offered for your specific prayer request.  Please call:

Fay Waupochick 715-799-3437

Leatha Grinhaug 715-851-6838 

You can also call the Parish Office to leave requests  


 Universal Giving Page

The Catholic Foundation is excited to share with us that they have created a Universal Giving Page at  This is a great resource for our parish as we do not have an on line giving program. It makes giving to our parish simple and easy!  The Catholic Foundation will be cutting a check weekly to our parish along with a report of what families gave to the parish and the amount of each gift.   


 Holy Hour

Holy Hour will be the first Thursday, of the month. The next scheduled Holy Hour is October 1st6-7pm. 

Food Pantry

The food pantry will be open on Tuesday, September 15th from 1-3 pm.  There will be drive up service only. Please do not get out of your vehicle and have the rear passenger seat empty.

St.  Michael’s Thrift N Gift

Thrift N Gift will be open Tuesday,  September 15th noon to 3 pm.  Only eight people can be in the store at one time and everyone must have on a mask. No children will be allowed. Social Distancing of 6 feet is required also.  If you have a donation, it can be dropped off at the Parish Office Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, or at Thrift N Gift when they are working.  Please call to make sure someone is available. (715) 799-3811.

Book Share

Book share will be open on Food Pantry day, Tuesday, September 15th 1-3 pm with social distancing enforced. Two may come into the Book Share at a time. Masks required.  


Estate Planning

When doing your estate planning, please remember St. Michael Parish.  If you have questions, please contact the parish office at 715-799-3811.  


New Parish Office Hours 

The Parish Office will be open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8-2 pm, Friday 9 am – 1 pm and closed on Wednesday.   Please contact Fr. Nonito at the Rectory for urgent matters (715) 994-1337.



Deadline for new information is 9:00 pm Monday evening. Contact Parish Office to submit



Mark Your Calendars/Events St. Michael

09/12/2020 Missionary Priest

09/13/2020 Missionary Priest

09/13/2020 Mass Livestreamed 9:00 am

09/15/2020 Thrift N Gift/Garage Noon – 3 pm

09 15/2020 Food Pantry, Book Share   1-3 pm

09/20/2020 Mass Livestreamed 9:00 am

09/22/2020 Parish Finance Council 11 am

09/22/2020 Parish Pastoral Council 6:00 pm 

09/27/2020 Mass Livestreamed 9:00 am


                                                                MASS TIMES

St. Michael – 5:00 pm Saturday; 9:00 am Sunday

                                            St. Anthony – 10:30 am Sunday

    St. Francis Solanus – 8:30 am Sunday

    St. Mary – 10:00 am Sunday  












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